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Relationships Are Worth Investing In

Relationships are worth investing in NRI’s approach to business is one that continues to set us apart, and that approach begins with how strongly we value relationships. We believe that investing in and having fair, quality relationships with those we interact with is always the right path. Our Purpose states that We are a Key […]

Balance of Lifestyle and Success

Balance of Lifestyle and Success We can’t be successful without having balance. Our core value, Balance of Lifestyle and Success, recognizes that work-life balance is an important element of a healthy work environment. We want to limit stress in the workplace and ensure our employees’ mental health is optimized so that we can bring our […]

Contributing to and Sharing in Prosperity

Contributing to and Sharing in Prosperity Our next core value is Contributing to and Sharing in Prosperity.  We are an organization built on transparency so that everyone has a chance to succeed, and to contribute to that success.  Our belief that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ keeps us driving as […]

Quality and Accountability in All Actions

Quality and Accountability in All Actions Our third core value is “Quality and Accountability in All Actions”. NRI is known as a consultative 3PL because we want to see all brands succeed and will step outside the norm to help them in that quest. We enjoy working with both emerging as well as established brands, […]

Fairness in All Relationships

Fairness in all relationships We take our value, Fairness in All Relationships seriously. We believe we must be fair to not only our team members, but our partners, retailers, community members, suppliers, vendors, and anyone we work with. We believe everyone plays a part in fairness. We need to be responsive when a mistake or […]

Disciplined and Committed Focus on Results

Disciplined and Committed Focus on Results One of our core values is “Disciplined and Committed Focus on Results”. At NRI we work diligently with our partners to understand their needs and execute on our promises. Our solutions-focused, client-first approach means that we are constantly in touch with our clients and partners in order to build the […]

Leading Ladies – Meet Courtney

Leading Lady, Courtney Courtney is the Distribution Center Manager in Los Angeles. She’s been with NRI for almost 5 years – starting in Client Services and growing from within to her current leadership role. Courtney is a major asset to our Los Angeles facility – ensuring it runs smoothly and our clients are successful. Learn […]

Leading Ladies – Meet Leemarie

Leading Lady, Leemarie Leemarie is our US Accounts Executive based in Los Angeles. She provides a consultative approach to ensure NRI’s clients’ business needs, growth plans, and strategic objectives are met. Leemarie believes strongly in continuous investment in creating collaborative client partnerships. She strives to provide creative solutions to our clients needs with a long-term, […]

Wow Your Customers with Value Added Services

Unsurprisingly, as of April e-commerce orders have seen a 129% YOY growth in the U.S. and Canada and 146% growth in all online retail orders. U.S. e-commerce sales will hit a projected $709.78 billion in 2020, or about 14.5% of total U.S. retail sales, up from $601.65 billion, or about 11% of total retail sales, since […]