Fairness in All Relationships


NRI Core Values Fairness in All Relationships

NRI Core Value Fairness in All RelationshipsFairness in all relationships

We take our value, Fairness in All Relationships seriously. We believe we must be fair to not only our team members, but our partners, retailers, community members, suppliers, vendors, and anyone we work with.

We believe everyone plays a part in fairness. We need to be responsive when a mistake or obstacle occurs and work with the other party, understand the situation, and be a part of the solution to move forward.

At NRI, all of our team members are treated fairly, no matter their position or tenure. This year brought many additional challenges for everyone. Through working together, we developed individual plans for adjusting to the new normal. Our employees’ phsyical and mental health are extremely important to us and we’ve worked closely at all levels of the organization to ensure everyones well-being is top priority. Supporting this value, our employees have been tremendous in putting in overtime and the extra effort necessary to help our clients successfully through the peak season.

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