Disciplined and Committed Focus on Results


Disciplined and Committed Focus on Results

Disciplined and Committed Focus on Results

One of our core values is “Disciplined and Committed Focus on Results”. At NRI we work diligently with our partners to understand their needs and execute on our promises.

Our solutions-focused, client-first approach means that we are constantly in touch with our clients and partners in order to build the most effective plans. Being in the middle of the holiday season, we’re seeing the fruits of our labor. Over 6 months ago we began planning for the holiday rush. While this year was even more unpredictable with the added challenges COVID-19 brought us all, we still drove hard to build the best possible plans for operational success. We dove deep with our clients into their forecasted volumes and promotion events (like all those great Black Friday deals you got!) and created plans around space, labor, and transportation needs. We reviewed our staffing plans and hired numerous new, full-time employees to help us through the holiday season, and continue building their careers with us in the new year. Our transportation partners are a huge part of our success and we wanted to ensure they fully appreciated our clients’ volumes. They too are having significant challenges with the COVID related impacts to logistics, so we were certain to engage in even deeper planning than usual with them so they could adjust their schedules and capacity.

With the combination of peak season as well as new challenges 2020 brought, we have still managed warehouse production over 400% of our normal volume. This is not an easy feat given that, at times, 30%+ of the planned necessary workforce was unavailable to work for health and safety reasons – key concerns to us at NRI. We’re working hard to deliver scalable solutions and complex logistics, not only through the holiday, but the rest of the year.

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