Quality and Accountability in All Actions


Quality and Accountability in All Actions

Quality and Accountability in All ActionsQuality and Accountability in All Actions

Our third core value is “Quality and Accountability in All Actions”. NRI is known as a consultative 3PL because we want to see all brands succeed and will step outside the norm to help them in that quest.

We enjoy working with both emerging as well as established brands, and enjoy providing a level of guidance that allows these brands to succeed. We have a dedicated Accounts & Planning team that provides our clients with further insights and strategies to help them grow successfully.

We ask ourselves, “what can we do to meet all our clients needs as accurately and efficiently as possible?”. Our Client Services department works tirelessly to ensure our clients’ needs are met – often times stopping at nothing to ensure last minute requests are fulfilled. We strive to work with all of our clients on understanding their needs, as well as ensuring we provide the best quality service possible.

While things certainly looked different this year (our warehouse is full of colorful masks and face shields!), we have remained true to our values and our goal of delivering success to our clients and partners.

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