Are You Prepared for Q4?


Delivery woman in snow

As we are all just getting used to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the challenges it has brought us, the holidays have snuck into our lives. As a logistics company, we want to remind everyone that preparing for the holidays starts now! What can you do to prepare?

Forecasting – forecasting is critical in successful execution. What are your end-of-year and daily estimates looking like? Are there any promotions or gifts with purchase programs you’re planning? Planning and preparing for these are crucial to a smooth operation during the holidays.

Carrier Constraints – while we are currently working with carriers on developing plans to help mitigate the anticipated challenges of the peak holiday season, we encourage you to prepare and set expectations with your customers. Setting these expectations may decrease customer complaints and start everyone’s holiday season on the right foot.

Customer Service – many of our Partners at NRI are evaluating their customer service strategies to build additional support during the peak season – and we suggest you do the same!

NRI is also preparing for Q4. We’re increasing our staffing (our team members are permanent, full-time employees by the way!) and increasing shift ranges through each day of the week. We’re also building overtime shifts on behalf of our Partners to cover processing days during the peak season, which is a nice bonus for our employees.

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