3PL and Your Success.


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3PL and your success. It takes a team.

You’ve trusted your 3PL with sending out orders in a timely manner so that your customers are happy and keep ordering from you. But issues sometimes arise. And when they do, you must be able to trust your 3PL with handling it quickly and effectively. At NRI, we partner with our clients to give them a full-scope solution for achieving their business goals. Each of our clients are partnered with dedicated order fulfillment teams, client service coordinators, and account managers – among others.

Order Fulfillment Teams

Our Order Fulfillment Teams are on the front lines – leading the charge on fulfilling orders. We operate a variety of shifts across all facilities to ensure total coverage for our clients’ business profiles, while also ensuring flexibility for our team members so that their health and welfare needs are met. NRI does not rely on temporary labor but rather operates with +95% full-time company employees across all facilities. These team members are extremely familiar with our clients’ product and businesses characteristics. Our proprietary WMS, Aspire, ensures the utmost in technology for our teams to ensure the most efficient and accurate processing of our clients’ orders.

Client Services Teams

NRI provides each client with an on-site, dedicated Client Services Coordinator (CSC). The CSCs are the frontline contacts for our clients, and liaison to our Operations Team. The CSCs manage our clients’ day-to-day requirements, as well as priority escalations. They work directly in-facility and are experts in helping our clients manage their needs, and their customers’ needs. Our CS teams have decades of combined experience in ecommerce and wholesale channels – coordinating internal resources to deliver excellence across them.

Operations and Accounts Teams

The Client Services Team is supported by our Operations and Accounts teams. These teams work in conjunction with our clients on forecast plans to ensure operational success at a high level. Our Accounts team supports our clients with strategic analyses, new service designs, and continued investment in developing our partner relationships.

We believe in partnership. Our goal is to be a key element in our clients’ success.

“Our success is directly connected to the positive, hard-working, and reliable team members at NRI” – Julia Fenwick, United by Blue

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