Financial Services.




Financial Services.

Non-Resident Importer Information and Assistance.

Setting up your fulfilment in a new country can be confusing.  With NRI it’s simple, we’ve helped hundreds of brands reach out to new markets. We’ll help you setup your business number, tax details, plus help you establish relationships with a customs broker and other professional services.

Direct Deposits & Canadian/US Banking.

NRI can help you with your Canadian & US banking.  We can manage cash receipts and make deposits on your behalf to your account, and even post those receipts against your accounts receivable records if desired.

We help you with:

  • Reduced transaction fees
  • Get better exchange rates
  • Fast clearing and risk reduction
  • Elimination of exchange fees on Canadian/US expense payments
  • Faster receipt and crediting of funds


Invoicing your various accounts can be tricky but NRI can handle that for you. We can generate a custom design invoice with your logo and send them out for you. That way when your product reaches the store, in invoice is already generated and in your sales system.

Credit Services.

NRI can help you with a wide variety of credit services, such as:

  • Designated credit manager to represent your company.
  • Complete credit recommendation and reporting services.
  • Daily collections, issuance of reports and risk management of all accounts.
  • Monitoring accounts to allow order release.
  • Investigation and notices on any company changes or negative occurrences on all accounts.