What makes us different?

Our passion and our people.

From the beginning, we’ve built an environment that’s focused on results, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to have fun. This balance of success and lifestyle means our people care not only about your brand's success but also for building a workplace where everyone feels included. Now, 20 years later, our people remain the core of the NRI spirit.

Meet the team.


Cedar   Security & Product Testing
Lianne Kidd   Accounting Administrator
Angela Richards   Client Services Coordinator
Jennifer Alvarez   Compliance Analyst
Jennifer Redfearn   Client Services Coordinator
Caleb Newport   Client Services Coordinator
Paul McNichol   Service Center Supervisor
Dean Stainton   Director of Client Services & HR
Sadie   Ball Thief
Chris Maydaniuk   Regional Manager - USA
Albert Perez   Client Services Coordinator
Jamie Meegan   Senior Operations Manager
Sunny Bagri   Software Product Manager
Jennifer Wilbur   Client Services Coordinator
Bruno   VP of Sleep
Kelsey McLean   Client Services Coordinator
Bo & Duke   Trouble & Chaos
Tyrone Baptist   Production Manager
Amanda De Monte   Client Services Coordinator
Sheldon Walters   Production Manager
Will Jordan   Sr. Operations Manager
Ryan Dale-Johnson   Director of Business Development
Claudia Guevara   Client Serviece Coordinator
June Turner   Client Services Coordinator
Peter McKenna   President & CEO
Paul Janota   Client Onboarding Specialist
Deisy Cabrera   Client Services Coordinator
Chris Tynan   Transportation Services Manager
Tess Meegan   Client Services Coordinator
Deisy Hernandez   Data Entry Clerk


Our values & the key to great relationships

Somethings you may (or may not) need to know about us.


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