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Say Hello.

Yup it’s as simple as it sounds, step one is to just say hello and we’ll figure out how we can meet you in person. Coffee maybe, hopefully a bit of sun, and an hour or two with you will give us a good understanding of each other and where to start. We can also talk more about how our pricing works and how to best get you a real accurate quote.

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Determine your needs.

Your brand is unique so the support you need to build your brand will be different. We look at your current fulfillment and figure out where NRI can improve your distribution channels. That’s why we don’t have pricing or a crazy quote form on our website. Every client is unique so we’ll tailor a custom fulfilment model to meet your needs.


Your IT needs.

Next, you’ll chat one on one with one of our IT professionals who’s an expert in North American fulfillment. You’ll both talk about the best way to get all your IT systems working together so you get a full understanding of your growing business.


Any special services?

At NRI, we’re not just about fulfillment, we offer a wide range of additional services that can improve your supply chain. We do kitting and assembly or labeling and tagging your product and more.


Looking at your growth.

Last but not least we look at your growth. Being a partner with NRI means you have people that want to help your brand to grow and have 20 years experience doing it. We’ll talk strategy on ways to enter new markets and set a plan in motion to help you get there.

Our Technology



Full-time programmers on staff.

Instead of you bending to our requirements, we have a team of programmers ready to work with what you already use.  Although some of our partners use the same enterprise resource program, we know that each client has specific needs.  We will write custom import, export and interfaces programs for every client.  Simply tell us what you need and our IT team will build a custom program to meet your needs. 

Seamless integration.

With our technology, it’s easy to keep track of your order status, inventory levels and shipping information.  Through NRI's secure extranet our clients can login to view real-time information from anywhere, at anytime.  If you need information about your account that isn’t available, our IT department can write a custom reports on virtually any information we track in our database.


Everything has its place.



The NRI Lean program fosters continuous improvement from the ground up.  Our grass-roots problem solving approach enables us to focus on the real opportunities for eliminating process waste, reducing lead times, and improving operational efficiencies.  Warehouse employees are truly invested in making a difference for our clients and our bottom line, and it shows by the level of involvement and quality of ideas generated.

Dedicated Client
Services Coordinator.



Our people are not only experts on your brand, but experts in managing logistics across North America.  Your NRI account is assigned to a specific Client Services Coordinator who is responsible for monitoring all areas of your businesses activity. 


Our History




NRI Distribution Inc. was established in 1997 by partners Bruce Churchill, Peter McKenna, and Sean McKenna. At inception, the company operated out of a 9,000 square foot bay with a total of 5 employees. Today NRI employs approximately 450 people and operates out of four North American geographies, comprising over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space.

When establishing NRI in 1997, the founders put a lot of thought into the type of working environment and culture they wanted to create at NRI. Their desire was to create an environment which emphasized relationships and would allow its employees a balance between success and lifestyle. Over twenty years later, these values remain core to the NRI spirit.

NRI Giving Back



At NRI we recognize that our actions not only have an impact on our employees, customers and community but they also have an impact on the planet. 

NRI is committed to doing business ethically but also in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.  Our approach to corporate responsibility starts at home with our employees.

We support our community wherever possible through charitable donations, volunteer hours from our employees or monetary contributions.  We also work to be a positive contributor to social causes and we look for suppliers and clients that are doing the same.

We are also committed to making our business environmentally friendly.  Whether that’s using new recycled packing and shipping materials but also by making it a priority to recycle everything we can.

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